Manual turning – Colchester and Schaublin lathes

Manual milling– Bridgeport and Schaublin mills

Long bed CNC Mill (Semco)

XYZ TC200 CNC Turning Centre

XYZ VMC 560 CNC Mill

3D printing

Surface Grinding

MIG &TIG welding

Cutting and shaping capabilities

We hold good stocks of Aluminium, brass plus stainless, mild and specialist steels.

We use a variety of stockholders in the South – from Southampton to Bristol and around the UK.

We have good relationships with laser and waterjet cutting companies and local specialist sheet metal fabricators.

What we do

We excel at small batch production and rapid production of one-offs and repairs and we provide workshop services for many local businesses.

We can work from an idea, a simple sketch to 2D and 3D CAD drawings and models; we have in house CAD – OneCNC and Solidworks.

we can

  • design for sheet metal including flat pattern for laser or water jet cutting
  • perform component level reverse engineering including production of manufacturing drawings and models for CNC milling and turning
  • prepare protoype design and assemblies
  • design and outsource spun metal components
  • design and machine open pot mould tooling for polyurethane components
  • produce printed plastic design models in house on a Lutzbot taz6 printer with 250 x250x 250 build volume and print small batch run components for use in production.

We also like a challenge and are prepared to do or make things that many machine shops would walk away from repairing an ancient farm implement or soldering on the leg of a model parrot to bespoke brackets for veteran cars.

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